Thursday, August 2, 2012


So, the house hunt for us must carry on.
I just got an e mail from our real estate agent letting me know that the house we had our offer in on for the last three damn months went to auction because the sellers didn't turn in their paperwork in time.

I am quite annoyed. I don't think it's even a little bit fair that because the sellers didn't turn their paperwork in, we missed out on a house. I think the bank should have been able to look and and either approve or reject our offer themselves without needing financials from the sellers. 
I feel like there is a serious break in the communication here. The listing agent and short sale negotiator that has been working with our offer didn't even know it went to auction. We had heard from the neighbors (who we are friends with) that the owners had gotten eviction notices saying that the house had been sold, so I passed that info on to our agent, who then asked the listing agent/negotiator. They had to get in touch with the bank themselves to find out.
You'd think the bank would have told the listing agent FIRST, yeah? Or at least let them know so they aren't out there trying to sell a house that doesn't need to be sold anymore?

I know, I know, I don't know everything there is to know about short sales, but still. I have a feeling that the bank would have gotten more money out of our offer than the did from whoever bought it at auction. 

Moral of the story, I am really frustrated and upset. 


Lin said...

I'm with you, it's totally not fair that you guys got the crap end of that realty short stick. Hope you find something else you like, soon :)

Amy Powell said...

oh so sorry to hear that!! that's super frustrating. wishing you guys the best on the finding another, even better!, place :)