Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Madness!

Today's post doesn't really have any cohesive order, just for the record. But sometimes that's just how life goes.
Please enjoy some tidbits and thoughts I am having currently.

I am trying really hard to get back into a good routine with my fitness and eating habits. I have to say, once you get OUT of good habits, it's hard to get back into them (kind of like with really cute, uncomfortable shoes... once you take them off, there's no way in hell your feet are going back in there... no ma'am).
Anyways, I have made Chad and I real, well rounded (well, as rounded as I can manage) meals the last few days, and I must admit, I feel so much better when I eat real food as opposed to dino nuggets and Eggo waffles. 

I have been a READING MACHINE lately. I seriously go through phases where it takes me 2 weeks to finish a book, and then I'm back to 2 books a week. Maybe it's because when it's hunting season, I climb into bed and read while Chad gets ready for bed,  and since he has to clean all his guns and drape his various hunting clothes all over the place, it gives me approximately 3 hours to read. Book reviews you can look forward to soon:

Speaking of books, I went to Half Price Books to sell books for the first time the other day. and I was REALLY disappointed. I sold I think 6 books and 1 brand new popular movie, and I got $8.25. Seriously, not doing that again. Sure, I'll go there to BUY things, but to sell things, it's not worth it to me when I can sell them on for significantly more.

Christmas is a-comin! This weekend I watched Hallmark Channel at every opportunity presented to me, and I got to send out the first round of Secret Santa e mails at work today! 

Anyways, those are some things that are going on right now. I hope everybody had a good weekend and was able to survive Monday!


Kristine said...

Ah, you've taken over my job of playing the boss of Secret Santa. Have fun. It's annoying. And a pain in the ass. And might just make you hate it altogether... ;)

Lin said...

At least I'm not the only one that's been watching Christmas movies lately. I watched National Lampoons Christmas over the weekend & I'm quiet tempted to turn it on again tonight haha. It's just too funny.

Our work does this cheap Christmas gift exchange playing the white elephant game every year. I hate it. I'd prefer to pick someone & just get them something. Have fun with your secret santa!