Saturday, November 3, 2012

Why Must Utility Companies Hate Me?

So, we all remember my post entitled "Eff You Comcast" from a couple weeks ago. Well, now I have yet ANOTHER gripe with a utility company (sort of).

So, Chad and I have been with different cell phone carriers up until today. We decided a couple months ago it was probably time for us to combine our plans to get a better deal (we were each paying about $90 a month, totalling $180 for cell phone service). 
So today we went into T Mobile to get him moved over onto a family plan with me. 
Both of us were DESPERATELY in need of new phones. I've been using my OLD G1 ever since my other phone took a swim this summer. And Chad has had a flip phone (I thought we were in the 21st century here...) and he dropped it one too many times, so neither screens worked.

Anyways, we go in there and tell the guy that we need to add Chad to my phone plan and get new phones for both of us. The guy looks at my account, and then tells us how much our plan will be every month with adding Chad. It's cheaper by $20-$30 a month, which is nice. So then we get to looking at the phones. 
We pick out our phones, and the guy says they will be about $159 (I think) a piece, plus we get to mail in a rebate for $50 each.
We get up to the counter and he rings Chad up first for his phone and his activation fee. Then he goes to ring me up and he goes "oh, sorry, but it looks like you don't get the instant price cut because you aren't eligible right now. So your phone will be $379

He said it so casually like I must be made of fracking money or something. I wasn't trying to buy a fricking I Phone or anything! He was like "well, maybe we can find you a phone that will be more affordable for you, something without the data capabilities or something". 
I had a really hard time biting my tongue. He had JUST looked at my account details before we started looking at the phones. Why could he not just tell me THEN that I wasn't eligible for a new phone? Why even get my hopes up looking at the damn things and telling me about all the awesome stuff I was going to be able to do with it?
I ended up telling him to just forget about mine, I wasn't going to pay full price for a phone (mostly because I seriously can't afford that), I would rather wait a few months until I am eligible for the full upgrade, but I was so close to crying tears of frustration, it's not even funny. My blood pressure immediately skyrocketed and I walked out of there with the biggest headache. 

Maybe I'm just becoming bitchier as I age, but it just about ruined my whole day. Scratch that, it HAS ruined my day. I am so disappointed to be stuck with this dinosaur of a phone, which Chad walks around flaunting his brand new phone that I could have had. I know, I'm just jealous that he got one and I didn't. Either way, I'm NOT happy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carly!!

My name is Karissa and I am very excited to tell you that I received your name for the ornament swap hosted by Living In Yellow and Dreaming of Dimples.
I'm looking forward to hearing back from you. I figured dropping a comment here would be the easiest way for me to reach out to you. Please contact me back at so I can get your address. :)

Nicole said...

I think it's natural to be jealous and it only ADDS to it when you get all hyped about one you could have too! Boo on that guy! I don't know how many people have an extra $400 to drop on a phone, I sure don't! My husband swore he was ok when I got an iphone 4 and he had his 3 but tell me why a a month later when he was eligible he strolled right in to get one! lol Cheer up your few months will fly by!