Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weekday Happenings

I was going to do a Pinterest link up today, but decided against it in favor of some bland words about how my week is going.

Chad has been sick all week. Which means lots of whining and phlegm. Sick.

I forgot my cat food at work (it sounds weirder than it really is) so I ended up having to improvise when it came time to feed her on Monday. Normally I would sacrifice a can of tuna for her, but we didn't have any. So first I tried to feed her soup. Not a soup fan. So I settled on ham. Chad reminded me after the fact that I could have just fed her bread and butter, since that is what she ends up getting into after we go to bed at night.

It's been WINDY here in the Snoqualmie valley. This is what we came home to on Monday night:
Except it wasn't quite like this.It was still upside down and resting off of our gutter (which it ripped off...luckily Chad was able to reattach it to the house). But we decided we should probably pull it down and and get the canvas off as an attept to keep it from breaking all our windows and ridiculously expensive sliding doors. 
So if anybody wants a pile of busted metal, please let me know.

Short week, yay!! I know most people get tomorrow off, but I get Friday off too (also might be a common occurrence). I'm planning to go Black Friday shopping with a friend, so hopefully I can a) get all my shopping done for cheap, and b) not get trampled by the crazies.

Anyways, I hope everybody is having a good week and you all have a happy (and safe) Thanksgiving!!!

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