Friday, January 4, 2013

Life as of Late

I know lately I've been doing a lot of link ups. That's partially because of the fact that I have been feeling really busy, and partially because I don't feel like I have anything all that interesting to write about.

So I thought I would pop in today and let you know a little bit of what life has been like lately.

* Chad hasn't been working very much. He's been working on a side job with his boss that they will hopefully get paid for today. Luckily I pay all our bills in advance, so we aren't behind on anything, but we could really use that regular income again!

* I feel like a majority of my free time is taken up with grown up things. Like doing the dishes everyday, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. Why won't anybody come clean for me?!

 * With all his free time, I had been hoping that Chad would be working on the house. Ya know... finishing up the never ending project that is our master bedroom or something like that. Nope. He's been duck hunting. A LOT.
These are just the ones they got yesterday. Let's just say I will have an abundance of duck nuggets for football this year.

* We're still tossing around the idea of another dog for Buck to have a friend. Part of me thinks it's a good time, since Chad is home more and would be able to spend more time getting it settled in. But on that same note, another dog means another dog mouth to feed, which wouldn't help the finances any. So the debate continues.

That's just about it friends. I don't have anything witty to say at the moment. However I do think I will be having a little giveaway here in the next couple weeks. Nothing too exciting, so don't go expecting any sort of gift card or fantastic ad space. 


Nicole said...

My husband is off on Fridays & today was the first time in a long long time he did things around our apartment! I nearly fell over lol A few less things to do during the weekend for me =D

Lin said...

Holy cow those are a lot of ducks. Sucks that Chad hasnt been working too much but at least you cant say he's letting you guys go hungry haha. Hope you got a lot of recipes up your sleeve that include duck.