Thursday, April 11, 2013

Current Status

As I type, I am sitting in the dark with a Mike's Harder Lemonade in my pink Vegas koozie, watching a re run of Swamp People, and it has inspired me... inspired me to tell you the things that I am fairly obsessed with right now.

Crunch Master gluten free crackers
No, I'm not gluten free or paleo or whatever... but I AM trying to make smarter snacking choices, and these little fellas have grabbed a hold of my heart and aren't letting go.

Pripyat Amusement Park
Now, I'd be a liar if I said I'm ONLY obsessed with the Pripyat amusement park and not the whole Chernobyl disaster. Weird, I know. But a) I love me a good abandoned park/house/anything, and b) it is so nuts to me that this whole area was just evacuated and never gone back to. Granted, I read online that Pripyat (and the whole 19 mile radius around the Chernobyl plant) won't be safe for human residents for 20,000 years, but there are houses that were left and nobody even went back to get their stuff ever!! And I've got a friend who lives in Belarus (she came here when she was really little because the US wanted to run medical tests on her to see the effects that blast had on her and her family) and I feel like I need to make her host me and go exploring!!!

These yoga pants
Clearly this lady isn't me. But this was the only picture i could find that would show you the fun little criss cross opening on the back of the leg. They are so damn comfy... but no, they haven't ever seen a yoga class.

Deadliest Catch
It's coming!!! Next Tuesday my friends... you can find me in front of my tv (although you can find me there most nights anyways...)

Saving Money
I don't have any cute little pictures for this, but lately I've been running around the house turning off lights and radios and anything I can to try to lower our bills.

And now I shall leave you, because my laptop is being a real pile, so I had to switch over to my IPad (and FYI, it SUCKS for blogging). So until we meet again, my pets.


Stephanie Doyle said...

You post the most random things, lady :) Love those yoga pants, where are they from?

Lin said...

Yoga pants are the most comfortable things in the world. Love them. Also, mine have never seen the inside of a yoga class either haha.

I cant even begin to tell you how excited I am that Deadliest Catch is coming back...eek!