Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday - Distractions

As promised, I'm back for another Weight Loss Wednesday.
As it stands right now, I'm down 24 pounds in a little less than two months.
Woop woop! 
Do me a favor, the next time you go to the gym, grab a 25 pound weight. Just hang on to it for a while. Maybe tie it to your body and try running on the treadmill.
Holy BALLS, how did I do that???

Anyways, today I wanna talk about distractions. Not only the distractions that hinder working out, but also the ones that make it easier to keep going.

At my house, I have my own elliptical and stationary bike, as well as various free weights and Chad's bench.
(My exercise space is also currently home to a few bicycles, a dirtbike, and Chad's street bike. But that's a story for another day)

I used to have a really hard time focusing on my workouts at home. I would think of all the things I should be getting done, I don't like working out when people are watching me, and it was just so easy to hop off the elliptical and wander away.
I don't know about other people, but I am REALLY self conscious (as are a lot of overweight people) about people watching me workout. So it has always been hard for me to do crunches or push ups or anything if people are coming and going.

Now, we moved the exercise stuff down to our basement. Not only is it cooler, it is away from the house, so I'm not getting irritated or distracted by people coming and going, and I'm not as likely to stop if I hear the dryer turn off or the dishwasher get done.

Now, the distractions that keep me focused are, for the most part, TV shows. 
Chad gives me shit all the time for the fact that I need to have something on, that I can't just go out and run and consider the scenery a distraction. But whatever.
My favorite things to watch?
Grey's Anatomy and Harry Potter.

Grey's is my go to program to keep me distracted. Since I've never watched it on the TV, the DVDs with no commercials really keep me from wanting to stop watching.
And when I run out of DVDs while I wait for my next season to arrive, the Potterhead in me comes out and I relive those years at Hogwarts as though I were right there with them.

So my friends, those are the distractions that affect how focused I am during my workouts. Any distractions - good or bad - that affect how well you stay on track?

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