Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Relighting the Fire

I know I was doing really well with my weight loss Wednesday posts a couple months back, but then I became a slacker and didn't blog AT ALL for a while, but now I'm back with a vengeance to let you know about where I stand right now with my fatty fatty 2 x 4 stats.

Starting weight (July 12, 2013): 232 (uh huh, I just admitted that on the internet)
Current weight: 192 (give or take a pound or two depending on the day or weather)

So really I can't complain... 40 pounds in 5 months isn't anything to be ashamed of. But I do have to admit that it's slowed down a lot over the past month. This is probably because of a few different things, like the fact that it's so damn cold and dark in the mornings that I haven't been running in a month, and that the temperature in my house seems to be sending my body into survival mode so I want to eat anything and everything I can so as to build back up my fat barrier that keeps me warm.

Anyways, as I mentioned a bit in my post about wedding dress shopping (which was actually painfully honest... sorry future brides, don't look to me for excitement about wedding dress shopping), it is very discouraging to be a bigger girl shopping for a wedding dress. Most of the dresses on the racks are size 10-14 at the largest, which makes it hard to get a good idea of how you will really look in a dress if you are a bigger girl.
Plus, wedding dress sizes are smaller than normal dresses apparently (my size 18 bridesmaid dress from my sister's wedding a year and a half ago literally falls off of me if I don't hold it up), so even though you may be a normal size in regular clothes (10-16 is what I consider a normal size... no offense to you girls that are smaller, haha), you can count on the fact that you are going to be a plus size wedding dress shopper.

I have also been out of a couple of my medications for the past few weeks, which has kept me in a bit of a fog so it's harder for me to get off my ass and do anything.
With that said, I now have all my prescriptions filled, and another boost of motivation to get back into my two a day workout habits, so I hope to be able to come back with another good progress report in the next couple weeks.

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Jill said...

40 pounds in 5 months is something to be very PROUD of! That's awesome! You've done amazingly well, no shame at all!
I found once I got under 200, the weight still came off, but at a much slower rate. Hang in there, it'll come! It definitely doesn't help trying to be active in the winter. I haven't jogged since early November. Just too cold out for me. I also am finding it difficult to get & stay warm without my layer of fat!! It's tough. But you can do it :)