Saturday, July 23, 2011

Boob Tube Babble, one day late

Well kids, I know I watch basically the same shows all the time, but here I am linking up with Neely for a little bit of Boob Tube Babble. These are the shows I am watching right now:
Switched at Birth: This is another ABC Family show that I have gotten really into. For those of you who don’t know, it is about two girls whose families find out that there was a mixup at the hospital when they were born, and they went home with the wrong parents. They meet each other and they all start trying to live as one big, weird family. There was a really great ending to this week’s episode when Daphne discovers that her mom has secretly always known about the mix up and she has a big guitar case full of pictures of Bay (her biological daughter). Intense.

Teen Mom: I am so glad that they brought back the original girls. Although I could do without Amber and Gary in my life, because I think they are a waste of TV time and they have too many issues to deal with and they should be seeking counseling, not viewers. Maci is by far my favorite Teen Mom. I am glad that she made Kyle meet Ryan, but I secretly still wish for her and Ryan to get back together because he is way hotter. And Farrah… I am torn between how I feel about her. Sometimes I love her because she is strong and not afraid to say how she feels, and she has been doing her best for Sophia since day one. But other times I hate her because she is very impulsive and her quick mouth can sometimes make her look like a real bitch.

Celebrity Rehab: This is another show that I was happy to see come back. While I feel like a lot of these celebrities just do it for the money, they all have real issues and I like to believe that they are taking something away from the experience. I was especially excited to see that the kid that played Hoby Buchanan on Baywatch (the guy that was the Hoff’s son on the show) is on there. I was basically in love with him in 3rd grade. I couldn’t tell you his REAL name though… Jeremy something. He is still pretty hot, but now that I know he has a severe steroid addiction, some of the mystery is gone.

That's it for now my friends.

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Neely said...

Thank you for linking up! You have fabulous taste in TV :)